Why Insurance?
Some people think I was drawn to the business because my dad worked as an insurance agent. That wasn’t really the case at all.

My adviser at Olivet really helped me get over my indecision. He spent a lot of time with me and other students educating us that there was a place for everyone in insurance. He showed us it wasn’t a boring career like so Why Insurance Admany people think. For me, it’s all about understanding that insurance isn’t just selling. There are jobs in accounting, finance, IT and management, as well as in a variety of specialties. Once I started checking it out, I figured that insurance was the place for me.

Melanie Keusch | Senior Risk Management and Insurance Program, Olivet College

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Melanie Keusch, Senior Risk Management and Insurance Program, Olivet College

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Insuring MI Future is a 501c3 organization with a mission to facilitate and promote opportunities for young people to pursue a great career in the insurance industry. Our vision is to inspire young people to consider insurance as a viable career choice.

A Lucrative Career Choice

Jobs in the insurance industry are stable and high-paying. The average insurance industry employee earns $60,000, compared to the average wage of $45,000 for all other industries.
High Wages, Rewarding, Challenging, Advancement & Stable