Why Insurance?
My entrance into the Insurance Industry began in the fall of 2012. I attended a career preparation class at Michigan Farm Bureau’s headquarters in Lansing, Michigan, during my senior year of high school. This course provided introductory knowledge of insurance and risk management principles.

I continued my education by attending Olivet College and double-majoring in Insurance & Risk Management and Financial Planning. Through internships, I was able to explore multiple career paths. I spent two summers at Farm Bureau’s headquarters, a semester at EMC Insurance Companies, and my final summer at an independent agency in South Bend, Indiana.

My first full-time job was as a Commercial Lines Agent in South Bend. Through this position I was able to acquire job skills that allowed me to move back, closer to home, when a job opportunity presented itself in February 2018.

I am now a Commercial Lines Agent for the My Member Insurance Agency in Saginaw, Michigan. I love working with business owners and helping them protect the businesses they’ve worked hard to make successful!

Leah Robinson, AINS, CAWC, CIC, CRM  | My Member Insurance Agency, Saginaw

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Leah Lupu, Independent Insurance Agent

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Insuring MI Future

Insuring MI Future is a 501c3 organization with a mission to facilitate and promote opportunities for young people to pursue a great career in the insurance industry. Our vision is to inspire young people to consider insurance as a viable career choice.
High Wages, Rewarding, Challenging, Advancement & Stable

A Lucrative Career Choice

Jobs in the insurance industry are stable and high-paying. The average insurance industry employee earns $60,000, compared to the average wage of $45,000 for all other industries.